To Kill a Mockingbird Chapter 8

When was the last time Maycomb County had an actual winter? 1885
What is the superstition that many people believe to be the reason for an actual winter in Maycomb County? The Rosetta Stone says that when children are disobedient and ruthless, the weather patterns abruptly change.Because of this, many people blame Scout, Jem, and Dill for the sudden winter.
Who is said to have died at the beginning of the chapter? How did he/she die? Mrs. Radleyfrom natural causes
For what reason does Scout say that the world is ending? It is snowing outside.
Who is Eula May? the leading telephone operator
What does Jem mean when he says he does not want to “waste the snow”? He wants to build a snowman, but there is not enough snow to do it. So, he does not want to use any snow so that there can be enough to build the snowman.
What happens when Scout lets a snowflake fall on her tongue? Why? Her tongue begins to burn.The snow is so cold that it is hot.
Why does Miss Maudie not enjoy the snow? It is destroying her plants.
Why does Miss Maudie cover the plants in bags? to keep them warm
Where do Scout and Jem get more snow for their snowman? Miss Maudie’s front yard
How do Jem and Scout build a snowman? 1) put loads of dirt on top of each other for the body2) bend peachtree sticks into arms, attach them to the body, and put dirt over them3) water the body, add another layer of dirt, and mold a large stomach4) put a layer of snow over the dirt5) use wood for eyes, nose, and mouth on the upper part of the body
Who is the snowman Jem and Scout make supposed to impersonate? Mr. Avery
How does Atticus react to Jem and Scout’s snowman? What does Jem do after? At first he is impressed, but after realizing who it is supposed to impersonate, he orders Jem to change some of its features.Jem puts Miss Maudie’s hat on top of it, as well as inserting her hedge clippers into the body.
What offer does Atticus give Calpurnia as night falls? How does she respond? He offers to let her stay for the night.She declines.
Why does Atticus wake Scout and Jem up in the middle of the night? Miss Maudie’s house is on fire.
Outside, where does Atticus tell Scout and Jem to stay? in front of the Radley’s house
Why does do the firefighters not “hurry up”? The fire truck is being pushed.
How do Atticus and the other neighbors help as Miss Maudie’s house burns? They go inside the house and retrieve valuable furniture.
How does Mr. Avery escape Miss Maudie’s house? He pushes through the upstairs window onto the upstairs porch, and while sliding down a pillar, he slips and falls into the bushes.
What book does Scout remember she had left in Miss Maudie’s house? Dill’s Tom Swift book
Whose house also begins to burn as a result of the fire? the Finches’s
What does Atticus notice the morning after the fire? She is wearing an blanket that does not belong to her.
How does Jem react when he realizes who gave Scout the blanket? He tells Atticus about the knothole, his mysteriously sown pants, and all the other secrets Scout, Dill, and he had about the Radleys.
Who does Atticus reveal to be the person who gave Scout the blanket? Boo Radley
Why does Atticus let Scout and Jem stay home from school? They were up all night because of the fire.
How does Miss Maudie react to her now destroyed house? She is optimistic about it (she had always hated her house, anyways).- says she always wanted a smaller house- she now has more room for her azaleas and for a bigger garden
According to Miss Maudie, what caused her house to burn down probably from leaving a fire in the kitchen’s flue unattended
With whom is Miss Maudie staying while she does not have a house? Miss Stephanie Crawford
According to Miss Maudie, what does she have that Miss Maudie has always been after? the recipe for Lane cakes
What do Jem and Scout name their snowman? the Morphodite

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