To Kill a Mockingbird Chapter 7-9

What does Jem tell Scout regarding the night when he went back to the Radley’s ro get his pants? They had been patched and folded up as if a man did it.
What surprise did Jem and Scout find in the knot hole of the tree? Two dolls of themself that are accurate and a medallion
Why might Mr. Nathan Radley have filled the tree with cement? Why did he claim to have done it? He might not want them taking things out of his yard. He claimed the tree is sick or dying, he knows that Boo is putting things in the tree and does not want him talking to the kids.
Describe the scene in which Mrs. Maudie’s house burns down. Her house was on fire, the fire truck is unable to produce water because it was frozen and bursts, there were two other trucks as well, her rocking chair is saved, her helper throws her furniture out the window, a rocking chair creates a fire to warm the plants, she is optimistic, the truck came 60 miles away and the house burned down.
What unexplained event is discovered after Atticus, Jem, and Scout go back to the house and have hot cocoa? How do you explain this? Scout has a blanket around her that Boo Radley placed on her.
Why is Scout fighting with Cecil Jacobs at the the beginning of chapter 9? He said that her father was a n***** lover.
Tell as much as you can about who Atticus is defending and why he is doing it. Does Atticus expect to win? Atticus is defending a friend of Calpurnia, he does not expect to win, he wants to help someone who deserves help, he is accused of raping a white woman, but is innocent, he could not ask children to obey him, represent the state legislature, church, or live with himself.
Explain Atticus’s comment, “Simply because we were licked a hundred years before we started is no reason for us not to try to win.” He knows that he will probably lose but is still going to try to win.
Why did Scout say that Aunt Alexandra was analogous to Mount Everest? She was cold hearted, cold towards scout, and intrusive.
Scout is proud of holding her temper when Atticus requests her not to fight over the Tom Robinson case. What causes her to lose control and fight back? Both Aunt Alexandra and Francis say that Atticus is going to bring down the family.
Just as Jem took a risk for the purpose of salvaging his relationship with Atticus, scout makes a sacrifice for the same purpose. Explain. Scout doesn’t want Atticus to know why she fought Francis because she promised that she wouldn’t. Beating is the sacrifice.
How does Atticus explain to Jack how and why he has been able to raise Scout so far without ever hitting her? Does this sound reasonable to you? He gives threats, she knows if she tries, works, no reason to change.
What evidence is there for Atticus’s statement about scout from question 7? Not damage relationship with Atticus, feels guilty.
What other evidence is there at the end of chapter 9 that Atticus is a wise father? He wants them to come with him with questions about Tom Robinson.

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