To kill a Mockingbird chapter 7-8

chapter 7
what did scout think of second grade “it was as bad as first, only worse”
What does Jem tell Scout? that when he went back for his pants they were folded across the fence and the hole that was created from them getting stuck in the fence was sewed up
What do the kids decide about the treasures in the tree? – they decided that anything in the knothole was their property
In october what did jem and scout find in the tree two small images carved in soap they soon figured out that they resembled them (jem and scout)
Who do they think left the figures in the tree but then realize it was not him Mr.Avery
So far what have Scout and Jem found in the knot hole in this chapter – twin -soap figures -a whole pack of chewing gum-pocket watch
What do Jem and scout the think they should do after they receive all of the “gifts” they decide to write a thank you letter
What happens to the tree? – Nathan Radley filled the hole with cement because he said that the tree was dying and it was sick
When Jem asks Atticus if he tree looks like its dying what does Atticus say that he doesn’t think so and the leaves are green and full and it looks healthy
Chapter 8:
What does Mr. Avery believe? Mr. Avery said that it was written on the Rosette Stone that when children disobey their parents, smoking cigarettes and made war on each other, is when the seasons would change
What happens to Mrs. Radley? Old Mrs.Radley died in the winter but her death caused hardly any commotion in the neighborhood. She had died of natural causes
What natural phenomenon occurs? -it starts to snow and it hasn’t snowed in Macomb since 1885
What do Scout and Jem do with the snow? -they want to build a snowman
Why is that a problem? -they first don’t have enough snow so they have to get it from Miss Maudie’s yard -they make the snowman look like Mr.Avery and Atticus tells them that they have to do something so that he doesn’t get insulted
What tragedy strikes that night? -Miss Maudie’s house caught on fire
Where does Atticus tell the children to stand and why -stand by the radley house to be out of the way and to detect which way the wind is blowing
Where was Miss Maudie going to stay since her house completely fell apart Miss Stephanie’s
was Miss Maudie upset about her house and why No she wasn’t because she always wanted a smaller house so she could have a bigger garden

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