To Kill a Mockingbird Chapter 6

How does this capter begin? Jem and Scout get permission from Atticus to go say bye to Dill since it’s his last night. At first the say they will miss him and then stare at Mr.Avery for a while, when suddenly Dill wants to go for a walk which is weird in Maycomb
Why does Dill and Jem want to go for a walk? They want to peek into Boo Radley window
Why do the kids wait until nighttime before peeking into Boo’s window? Because it is darker, Atticus is so deep in his book he wouldn’t hear them, and finally because it was just before school and if they were killed at least they could miss school
What does Jem keep calling Scout that bothers her so much and starts to become a bad word to her? Girl: She hates being called one
What happens after Dill’s 2nd attempt to look inside the house? A shadow figure comes up and Jem, Scout, and Dill freeze. Then when they start running they hear a gunshot. A little later they realize that Jem is not with them
What happened to Jem? He had caught in the wire fence and took of his pants because he needed to get away.
What did the children do after? They causily walked home and then casuily joined everyone huddling around Mr. Nathan Radley’s house with him and his shot gun. He said next time he would get whoever snuck in and actually shoot them. And that they were lucky they got away
What does Jem say when asked about his pants? Dill says to everyone that they had played a game and Dill had one the strip poker game and took his pants. Everyone then became totally shocked because poker is strictly off limits for children. But then they said it was with matches which was way better than cards. Atticus says to Jem to get his pants back A.S.A.P.
Goodbye to Dill? He finally remembers Scout and how she is engaged to him so he kisses her and then tells them to write
Can Scout or Jem sleep at night? No, they both are terrified that Boo Radley will come and have revenge on them especially Scout.
Did Jem get his pants back? Why did he go? Jem had a fresh no whipping record in his book. In morning Nathan would be sure to find Jems pants and know that its his since he had no pants the day before. He goes around 2 am and recieves the pants and trembles when he sleeps.
What does Nathan Radley know about the intruders in his garden, especially the “White Negros?” Scout, Jem, and Dill intrude his house at night. The 3 kids see a shadow man (it’s just Boo Radley) and run in the garden where Jem’s pants get stuck and Nathan Radley shoots his gun into the air to scare the kids. Jem just rips away and leaves without his pants
IRONY? These kids spread rumors about Boo Radley peeping into windows when they are doing the exact thing to him.
Analysis Nathan Radley is racist! Since these children are white he cannot kill them because of the Jim Crow Laws. This is an allusion to Jim Crow. When Jem goes back and finds his pants mended and folded, he realizes it was most probably Boo and that Boo might be human after all.

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