To Kill A Mockingbird: Chapter 5 Study Questions

Describe Miss Maudie Atkinson. How does she compare/contrast with other women in Maycomb – an outdoorsy woman- loves anything that grows from the ground-hates the indoors -she dresses in men’s coveralls and a straw hat. She is different from other women. In this time, women stayed inside and did housework but Miss Maudie Atkinson would rather be outside and work with plants and flowers and she hates being inside.
What does Miss Maudie tell Scout about Boo? How does this compare with what Scout already knows? Miss Maudie Atkinson tells Scout…-That Boo’s real name is Arthur -That he always spoke nicely to people when he was younger-He wasn’t crazy until he got shut up in that house-Doesn’t know why she stays inside all day, but Baptists are afraid of women and she gives this as a reason why he stays inside- Miss Maudie also doesn’t believe in some of the rumors about BooThis shows Scout that Boo wasn’t always crazy, something that she believed before. It shows Scout that Boo Radley is just another person and the rumors going around Maycomb are made up to make him sound crazier than he actually is. He is a human person.Miss Maudie explains why he went crazy and why he might stay inside all day.
Scout claims that “Dill could tell the biggest ones” (lies) she ever heard. Why might Dill have told such lies? -Because he is lonely and doesn’t have a family that gives him attention.-He tells lies so that people will like him -His lies are intended to make him sound interesting so people will want to hang around him-He jumps from relative to relative, but no one really wants him around, leaving him lonely
What reasons does Atticus give for children not to play the Boo Radley game? Do you think he is right? Why? -Atticus tells the children to “stop tormenting that man”-He reminds the children that “Mr. Radley is doing his own business, if he wanted to come out, he would-He is teaching them a lesson about respecting people-Atticus thinks that they are making fun of him and putting his life’s story on display for the neighborhood-I think Atticus is right, because Scout, Dill, and Jem have no right to criticize and make play of Boo’s life without walking into Boo’s shoes and seeing what it’s really like-This could also hurt Boo, because it could make him feel like a freak, as if he is so wierd and unusual that the children want to make a play about his story.

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