To Kill A Mockingbird Chapter 5

How does Scout convince Jem to stop playing Boo Radley? “[Her] nagging got the best of [him].”
If Atticus ever prohibited Scout, Jem, and Dill from playing Boo Radley, how would Jem find a way around it? He would change the names of the characters.
Why is Scout bothered at the beginning of the chapter? As Jem and Dill grow closer together, she is being left out of the friendship.
Instead of playing with Jem and Dill, what does Scout decide to do? to spend the summer sitting with Miss Maudie on her front porch
What is Scout and Jem’s “tacit treaty” with Miss Maudie? They could explore her back lot and play in her yard.
Why is Miss Maudie always outside? She hates her house.
What is the only weed Miss Maudie does not permit to be in her garden, and how does she eliminate it? nutgrasswith blasts of a powerful poison
Miss Maudie makes the best _____ in the neighborhood? cakes
Does Miss Maudie think that Boo Radley is alive or dead? Why? aliveHe has not been carried out of the house, yet.
At what time of the year does Uncle Jack come to visit? Christmas
How does Uncle Jack tease Miss Maudie? He asks Miss Maudie to marry him so he can get his hands on her goat.
How does Miss Maudie describe Mr. Radley? as a foot-washing Baptist
What is a foot-washing Baptist? a Baptist who thinks everything pleasurable is a sin.
How does Scout react when Miss Maudie tells her that some foot-washing Baptists said that she was going to hell? Miss Maudie is a trustworthy person.Although she does not go around the neighborhood doing good deeds, she never tells on anyone or invades anyone’s private lives.
How does Scout describe Miss Maudie’s voice? It is “enough to shut anybody up”.
How does Miss Maudie describe Boo Radley? as gentleman who always spoke nicely to her
How does Miss Maudie respond when Scout asks her if Boo is crazy? If he wasn’t crazy then, he is crazy now, especially with the fact that he has been indoors and secluded from society for a long time.
What must Scout do if she wants to play with Jem and Dill? She must do everything they tell her to do.
At the end of the chapter, what do Jem, Dill, and Scout attempt to do? How? leave a note for Boo RadleyJem puts the note on the end of a fishing pole and throws it onto the shutter of one of the windows.
What role does Dill have in the attempt to give Boo a note? to ring a bell (Scout’s mother’s dinner bell) if anyone else comes, as well as watching the front of the house from a light-pole
What role does Scout have in the attempt to give Boo a note? to watch the back end of the house
Who catches Jem, Dill, and Scout trying to give a letter to Boo? Why is he/she angry? AtticusThey are trying to invade his privacy and, therefore, are “tormenting” him.
How does Atticus make Jem quiet at the end of the chapter? He tells him that he wanted to be lawyer.

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