To Kill A Mockingbird Chapter 4

Atticus and Brother They seem to know everything in the eyes of Scout
How does Jem function He functions in either a group or alone
Scout comes home from school …? She comes home 30 minutes before Jem at 2:30 p.m.
What does she notice in front of Radleys place? She noticed shiny tinfoil, sticking out of a big tree. It was fresh gum. Since it was the Radleys place, she couldn’t eat it in front of everyone so she ran home and tried it. When she did not die, she realized that she can eat it.
How many tree’s were there? 2 wild oaks
What does Jem do when he see’s Scout? He screams at her for 1. going to the Radleys place2. touching a Radley tree3. eating things off the ground or in trees
What does Jem ask her to do after she spit the gum out Jem makes sure that she gargles or else he will tell Calpurnia
Why does Scout do as she is told? Because she is upset about the past year and the amount of disaproval, tyranny from Calpurnia, and would rather avoid her than to keep chewing the gum and face her.
Does Jem ever believe Scout about the special hiding place? Yes when they are impatiently waiting for summer to begin, she points to the tinfoil again and this time Jem sees it and there is a special velvet package.
What is in the velvet package there are 2 shiny pennies of INDIAN HEADS
Cecil Jacobs he is a man who walks 1 mile per day just to avoid walking near the Radley’s place and Mrs.Dubose
Who is Mrs.Dubose She is known as the neighborhood meanie head. She is scary and rude
Finders Keepers Losers Weepers they decide to keep it and when school starts they will go around asking kids if its theirs. Someone in the school ought to have it
What does Jem say about the Indian head coins? He says that they are really special since their so oldThey bring good luck in long living and passing 6 week tests
Dill comes So Dil comes back and he is really boasty as soon as he arrives! First he tells Scout and Jem about how he took a train all by himself to Maycomb. Then he talks about how he met his father. His father is tall has a beard, and is president of the L & R railroad. He even boasts how he helped the engineer of the train for a while!!! what a loser face! 😀
What does he look like now? He is shorter, a bit fatter, and wears boy clothes not his bright blue trousers
What games do they start? They were going to play the Rover Boys (Dill was clearly tired of playing the main parts) and since the boy character Scout was to play got out of the story in 2 secs she said no. Then she asked Jem to make up a game and he said he was too tired. THEY WERE TOO TIRED AND BORED AND IT WAS THE FIRST DAY OF SUMMER!!!!
HOT STEAMS A hot steam is someone who cannot get to heaven and just wallows on some roads. If you walk through one, when you die, you become one! You go around sucking peoples lives
What does Scout say to that? Scout says thats what Calpurnia calls nig**r talk
Why was Jem furious with Scout and how did he get even? When Jem talks about the Hot Steams, Scout contradicts him and makes him look bad! He is bold and has lots of pride! When she makes him look bad he is extremely embarrassed and very angry.
What game do they start to play They start to play a game where you roll inside a tire down a hill.
What is Jem’s plan and motivation? jem wants to play so that Scout can go first and he wants to push her in the tire (not intending her to get hurt)…. just for her to get dizzy and throw up. This is very childish behavior
What ends up happening? Scout falls in front of the Radley’s place. Jem caused suffering and struggling to Scout, like Lizabeth did to Miss Lottie.
What does Jem realize He realizes his strength and capability! This is like Lizabeth when she finds out hers
Jem gets the tire He gets it and says that Scout is such a girl sometimes
New game? Boo Radley Game: They decide that they want to play this game where they make fun of Boo Radley and act out scenes with him, riducling him. Jem and Dill get Scout to play because they call her scaredy cat and girly and they can because she was too scared to get the tire. She ends up playing Mrs.Radley.
Miss Radley Rumors say she was beautiful until she married Mr.Radley and became ugly as hell
Dill and plays He was a master at faking roles and becoming people he was not. That is entire life. A fake role. He acts in one way to gain attention and friends
Big Finale Scene? Jem would sneak into house and get scissors, halting the game whenever a person walked by, and they did the scence by plunging the scissor into Mr.radley (dill) thigh (fake) Atticus comes and takes the scissors away
Why does Scout quit the Boo Radley game? Because she doesn’t like lying to Atticus and assumes he doesn’t want them to play anymore. Also she hears a laugh coming from the house. He is becoming human.
This is a coming of Age moment. Why? Jem realizes his capability. Also we learn that gossip is very dangerous because if you don’t have the correct info it can cause bullying. CHildren and Miss Lottie

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