To Kill a Mockingbird Chapter 3

What does Scout do to Walter in the schoolyard? She rubs his nose in the dirt
Who interferes with Scout and Walter? Jem
Who does Jem invite to dinner? Walter
What does Walter do that Scout thinks is odd? He pours syrup all over his food
Who scolds Scout for making fun of Walter? Calpurnia
What is Miss Caroline frightened by in class? A mouse
Who helps deal with the mouse? Little Chuck Little
What does Little Chuck call the mouse? A “cootie”
Where does Little Chuck keep his mouse? In his hair
Whose hair did the mouse crawl out of? Burris Ewell’s
What does Ms. Caroline tell Burris to go home and do? Wash his hair
What are the Ewells famous for? Coming to the first day of school and never coming back
Why does Burris get angry with Ms. Caroline? She tells him to sit down
What name does Burris call Ms. Caroline A snot-nosed slut
What is Scout doing whenever she passes the Radley Place? Running
Why does Calpurnia get lonely? Both of the kids are at school
What special treat does Calpurnia make for Scout? Crackling bread
What does Scout tell Atticus on the porch? She doesn’t feel well, and she doesn’t want to go to school anymore
What is Scout’s Uncle’s name? Jack
What advice does Atticus give Scout about getting along with people? “You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view-“
Which family is considered the “disgrace of Maycomb”? The Ewells
What is Mr. Bob Ewell allowed to do that others aren’t? Hunt out of season
Why doesn’t Scout want to go to school any more? She isn’t allowed to read with Atticus
What deal does Atticus make with Scout? If she goes to school, he will secretly read with her

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