To Kill a Mockingbird – Chapter 29

Boo probably emerged when he heard Jem yell. According to Scout, Jem had yelled “loudenough to wake the dead—.” When do you suppose Boo Radley came out of his house?
Ewell had tried to stab Scout but the chicken wire had prevented the knife from going through to her body. How did Scout’s costume probably save her life?
Bob Ewell went after the children because he was too cowardly to face Atticus himself. As Sheriff Tate tells Atticus, “He had guts enough to pester a poor colored woman, he had guts enough to pester Judge Taylor when he thought the house was empty, so do you think he’da met you to your face in daylight?” According to Heck Tate, why did Bob Ewell go after Scout and Jem instead of Atticus?
She notes how pale he is. His hands are “sickly white…so white they stood out garishly against the dull cream wall….” His face is just as white as his hands, and his eyes are so colorless that Scout thinks he may be blind. He is also extremely thin. His cheeks are hollow, his mouth is wide, and there are shallow indentations at his temples. It is obvious that he is undernourished and has not seen the sun in years. When Scout realizes who saved her and Jem, she is overcome with emotion. As she looks at Boo, she suddenly starts crying, his image blurring with her tears. “Hey, Boo,” she says to him. How does Scout describe Boo Radley? How does she react when she finally realizes that it was Boo who saved her and Jem?

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