To Kill a Mockingbird – Chapter 27

Incident #1: Bob Ewell got a job with the WPA but was fired for laziness in a matter of days. Shortly thereafter, he was heard to have accused Atticus of “getting his job.”Incident #2: Someone tried to break into Judge Taylor’s house one evening. The judge had gone to let his dog out when he noticed that the screen door on his back porch had been opened. It seems likely that Bob Ewell was behind the break-in.Incident #3: Mr. Link Deas had given Helen Robinson a job. To get to work, she would walk a mile out of her way to avoid the bullying of the Ewells. When Mr. Deas found out about it, he demanded that the Ewells leave her alone. However, the next morning, Bob Ewell stalked her and terrorized her as she made her way to work: “All the way…she heard a soft voice behind her, crooning foul words.” Mr. Deas confronted Ewell again and threatened to have him arrested for assault if he continued to bully Helen. Scout states that three unusual things had happened in Maycomb by the middle of October. Briefly summarize these three incidents.
In previous years, the kids in the neighborhood had been free to do what they wanted on Halloween. However, this year the parents have organized a pageant to keep the children out of trouble. This decision was prompted by the events of the previous Halloween, when the children played a prank on Misses Tutti and Frutti Barber, two old ladies who lived in the neighborhood. What is different about Halloween this year? Why?
The subject of the pageant is Maycomb County’s agricultural products. Scout’s role is that of a ham. Her costume is made out of chicken wire covered by cloth. What is the subject of the pageant, and what is Scout’s role in it?What is her costume made of?
Before Scout leaves for the pageant, Aunt Alexandra has a sudden feeling of anxiety. Shestops short in the middle of a sentence. When Scout asks her what is wrong, she comes to her senses and shrugs it off: “Oh nothing…somebody just walked over my grave.” It is as if Aunt Alexandra sensed that something bad was about to happen.In the final paragraph, Scout explains that since neither Atticus nor Alexandra can take her to the pageant, Jem will escort her. She says, “Thus began our longest journey together,” ominously hinting that the evening will prove to be a dramatic one for the two of them. Identify at least two instances of foreshadowing in the final four paragraphs of the chapter.

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