To Kill a Mockingbird Chapter 25-31

Why does Jem not want Scout to kill the roly poly? Jem is relating the roly poly to Tom Robinson. He realizes that it is wrong to kill a creature that has done you no harm, just like it was wrong to kill Tom Robinson who was an innocent man.
Who tells Helen Robinson about Tom’s death? Atticus and Calpurnia
How does the town react to Tom’s death? They say it is “typical” of a black person to run. Black people don’t think before they act, just “run blind” before they think.
What does Underwood write about Tom Robinson in the newspaper? He says the Tom Robinson’s death was like the senseless killing of songbirds by hunters and children. There should be no reason peopl should kill a cripple.
Was realization does Scout come to when she reads Underwood’s article? That although Tom had been tried in a judicial court and should have been acquitted, “in the secret courts of men’s hearts”, a black person would not a get a fair trial.
How do the children of the school react to Tom’s death? They are cold and evidently believe whatever their parents tell them. Racism is being passed down from generation to generation.
Who is the newspaper article about that Cecil brings in for his current event? Adolf Hitler and how he is persecuting the Jews.
What does Scout say democracy is? Equal rights for all, special privileges for none.
When Miss Gates teaches the class about democracy and the Jews, what question does it bring to Scout’s mind? She doesn’t understand why Miss Gates thinks it is terrible that people hate the Jews, but she seems to treat the blacks the way Hitler treats the Jews. She says, ” how can you hate Hitler so bad an’ then turn around and be ugly about folks right at home”. Miss Gates is a hypocrite.
Does Atticus get re-elected? Yes
What happens to Bob Ewell at his new job? He gets fired for laziness.
Who does he blame for the loss of his job? Atticus
Who helps Helen Robinson? And how does he help her? Link Deas. He gives her a job even when he doesn’t really need her. He also walks her home one night and threatens to puts any Ewell in jail that bothers Helen.
How does Ewell respond to Deas’s threat? He follows Helen and whispers foul words behind her.
Why does Atticus say Ewell is mad? He says that after the trial, everyone in Maycomb knows that Ewell lied. They may have convicted Tom, but they knew he was lying.
What event did Maycomb decide to organize as a community since Miss Tutti and Miss Frutti had been terrorized last year? Halloween
How does Jem know they are under the big oak tree when they are on the way to the Halloween pageant? They were passing a cool spot.
What happens that causes Scout and Jem to be out late the night of the Halloween event? Scout falls asleep during the pageant and misses her cue to come in. Mrs. Merriweather tells Scout she has ruined her play. Scout is so embarrassed that she asks Jem if they can wait until the audience leaves.
What saves Scout’s life during the attack? The ham costume.
What happens to Jem and Scout on the way home from the Halloween pageant? Jem thinks he hears someone following them. First, they think its Cecil, but then they realize its someone else. They are attacked and Jem is knocked unconscious.
What is the “cracking” sound Scout hears? The breaking of Jem’s arm.
Who saves Jem and Scout in the attack? Boo Radley
Who attacks Jem and Scout? Bob Ewell
What happens to Bob Ewell in the attack? He is killed with a kitchen knife. The kitchen knife is found under his ribs.
Who does Atticus thinks killed Bob Ewell? Jem
Who saves Jem and Scount? Boo Radley…
What does Harper Lee want the reader to learn by the end of the story? To take the moral high ground and stand up for what is right, even when it is not the popular thing to do. Don’t let fear of the the unknown cause you to make the wrong decisions.

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