To Kill a Mockingbird Chapter 25

As Scout is about to kill a ropy-poly bug. What stops her from doing it? What theme does the incident underscore? To Not Kill anything.
Dill had been present when Atticus went to tell Helen Robinson the news of her husband’s death. Summarize what happened at Helen’s house, according to Dill. How did she take the news? She Collapsed.
Scout recalls what people in Maycomb had said in the days following Tom’s death. What had been the general attitude of the townspeople when they heard the news? Talk about it for 2 days not surprised harsh.
To what did Mr. Underwood’s editorial compare Tom’s death? What is the significance of his comparison? The death of a Mockingbird.
What was Scout initially confused about when she read the editorial? What ultimately became clear to her upon later reflection?
What remark did Mr. Ewell make upon hearing of Tom’ death? What is the significance of the remark? One down two to go his family.

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