To Kill a Mockingbird (Chapter 25)

Why did Jem tell Scout she couldn’t mash the roly-poly? Because they didn’t bother her
Who did Atticus pick up on the way to Helen Robinson’s house? Jem and Dill
Did Atticus tell Jem and Dill what had happened to Tom in the car? Yes
Who told Scout about the trip to Tom Robinson’s house? Dill
What did Dill say Helen Robinson did when Atticus told her Tom was dead? Dropped to the dirt
Who carried Helen to her cabin after she found out Tom Robinson? Atticus and Calpurnia
Who hollered at Atticus as he drove back to town after telling Helen Tom was dead? The Ewells
How did Maycomb respond to Tom’s death? They were interested for a few days but then lost interest
How did Maycomb feel about Tom’s death? It was typical of a Negro
Why did they say Tom’s death was typical of a Negro? It was typical of a Negro to run and have no plan
Who posted a bitter story about Tom’s death in the paper? Mr. Underwood
Why was Mr. Underwood upset? He thought it was a sin to kill a cripple
What did Mr. Underwood compare Tom’s death to? Senseless slaughter of songbirds by hunters or children
Atticus had used every tool available to save Tom Robinson but in the _________ courts of men’s hearts Atticus had no case. secret
Tom Robinson was a dead man the minute _______ __________ opened her mouth and screamed. Mayella Ewell

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