To Kill a Mockingbird Chapter 24

Aunt Alexandra is entertaining her missionary circle. Who are the Mrunas, and why is the missionary circle interested in them? Isolated tribe
Mrs. Merriweather says, “If we just let them know we forgive ’em that we’ve forgotten it, then this whole thing’ll blow over.” Who and what is she talking about? What is ironic about her statement? Blacks on trial because there complaining they need to be forgive.
The theme of hypocrisy plays a major role in this chapter. What is hypocritical about the concern the ladies of the missionary circle have for the Mrunas? Want to help people in there community but not in theres.
When Mrs. Merriweather claims, “there are some good bit misguided people in this town,” what is she talking about, what is she talking about, and to whom is she referring? Atticus
What does Miss Maudie say that silences Mrs. Merriweather? How does Aunt Alexandra show her appreciation to Miss Maudie for her defense of Atticus? His food doesn’t sick going down does it
Why does Scout prefer the company of men as opposed to that of women? Look of pure gratitude
What did Calpurnia say to Miss Rachel’s cook about Tom’s despair? According to her, what was the last thing Tom had told Atticus before being takens to the prison camp? Tom gave up all hope this is the end of the road.
When Atticus arrives home, what terrible news does he bring about Tom Robinson? Summarize what happened to Tom, according to Atticus. Tom is Dead Shot 17 times
Why do you Tom ran for the fence? Why did he keep running even when the guards warned that they would shoot? nervous break down.
Alexandra asks Miss Maudie, “W hat else do they want from him, Maudie, what else?” What does she mean by this question? To whom is she referring with the word they?
How does Miss Maudie reply to Alexandra’s question? What Literary device does the author use in the second part of Miss Maudie’s response?

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