To Kill a Mockingbird Chapter 23

As the chapter begins, the reader learns that, according to Stephanie Crawford, Mr Ewell had actually threatened to kill Atticus. How does Atticus take the threat? Not worried about it.
Alexandra disagrees with Atticus about the threat. What are Atticus reasons? She say’s people like that she doesn’t trust.
In Your opinion, should Atticus be taking the threat more seriously? Yes he Should
According to Atticus, what is optimistic about Tom’s case? Appeal
If Tom is found guilty on appeal, what will his punishment be? Why? Death, because it was against the government
Jem and Atticus converse about some of the obvious problems with the legal system. Brirfly summarize their discussion. What are Jem’s major points, and how does Atticus address them? The Jury will be remember.
What does Atticus mean when he says,”….it’s all adding up and one of these days we’re going to pay the bill for it ‘? To what is he referring? All the Predigest.
According to Atticus, what are three reasons why many Maycomb citizens do not want to serve on a jury? Summarize the example he uses to illustrate one of these reasons. Everyone will hate you.
Atticus says that the fact the jury took so long to reach a verdict may indicate “the shadow of a beginning.” What does he tell Jem and Scout about one of the jurors? It was a Cunningham.
When Scout learns about the Cunningham juror, what does she declare she will do as soon as school starts? What is Aunt Alexandra’s response? She will invite him for dinner.
What physical signs indicate that Jem is growing up? For example, why does he show to Scout when he brings her into his room? Hair every where.
Scout explains to Jem what Aunt Alexandra said that caused her to cry. What was it that upset her more than anything else? Calling walter trash
How does Jem describe the social hierarchy in Maycomb? The finches Cunningham, Ewell, black’s
Jem talk about “background” to explain how the Finches are different from the Cunninghams. How does he define “background”? What is Scout’s response to his theory? How long family has been reading writing , thinks he just as smart but no money.
At the end of the chapter, what occlusion does Jem draw about Boo Radley? What leads him to this conclusion? That he doesn’t want to come out.

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