To Kill A Mockingbird Chapter 22 & 23 Short Answer

What is Jem’s reaction to the verdict? Devastated, confused
How does the black community show its appreciation for what Atticus did? Gifts of food sent to the house.
What did Bob Ewell do and say to Atticus? Spat in his face and said he would “get him”
Why does Atticus defend Bob’s actions to Jem? He said that was just the way people like the Ewells handle things like humiliation.
Why was Tom given a death sentence? Rape is a capital offense in Albama.
Why did Atticus put a Cunningham on the jury? He has experienced sympathy from a Cunningham before and was hoping this would happen again.
What does Aunt Alexandra object to Scout inviting Walter Cunningham to the house? She says he is trash and there is a drinking streak in the family.
How does Jem try to make Scout feel better after her conversation with Aunt Alexandra? Gives her candy and shows her his chest hair.
According to Jem, who are the “four kinds of folks” in Maycomb? 1. Finches- “ordinary” people2. Cunninghams – out in the woods3. Ewells at the dump4. Blacks
According to Jem, why doesn’t Boo Radley come out of his house? Because he does not want to see the ugliness in the world.

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