To Kill A Mockingbird chapter 22

Why was Jem upset after the court case? Tom Robinson was guilty
What does Aunt Alexandra say to Atticus after the verdict? “I’m sorry, brother.”
How does Tom Robinson still have a chance after the trial is over? there is still the appeal process
What did the black community send to the Finch family? food
Why was Jem upset with the people of Maycomb? he thought they were good people and would do the right thing
What did Miss Maudie mean when she told Jem “things are never as bad as they seem”? Tom Robinson actually had a few people who tried to help him that Jem didn’t think about
How did Judge Taylor try to help out Tom Robinson? by appointing Atticus to defend him instead of an inexperienced lawyer
Why was it a good thing that the jury stayed out so long? constitutes a sign of progress in race relations
How does Miss Maudie keep Miss Stephanie from asking rude questions? by offering the kids some cake
What type of clown does Dill decide to be? a clown that laughs at people
Why is Bob Ewell so mad at Atticus? Atticus made him look bad in front of the entire town
What kind of trouble is Aunt Alexandra and Miss Rachel talking about when they tell the kids to stay off of the streets? Bob Ewell had it out for them and Atticus
What did Bob Ewell do to Atticus the day after the trial? spat in his face
What was Atticus’s reaction to Bob Ewells threat? He understood that Bob was upset, but he didn’t believe that he would actually physically harm anyone
What does Tom’s father bring for Atticus? a chicken

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