To Kill A Mockingbird- Chapter 2 questions and answers

Describe Scout’s teacher, Miss Caroline Fisher. What is irrational about her teaching methods? She is young and nicely dressed. She is not from Maycomb
How did Scout learn to read and write? She learned to read by herself (self taught) and Calpurnia taught her how to write
Describe the Cunningham clan The Cunningham clan were very poor and very proud farmers
When Scout ask her father if they are as poor as the Cunninghams, how does he respond?Though Atticus’s, what does the reader learn about the Great Depression and how it affected different classes of people in different ways? Atticus says they are not exactly as poor as the Cunninghams. The Great Depression hurt the farmers more.
Why does Miss Caroline punish Scout Scout embarrassed Miss Caroline while in class with Scout’s peers.

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