To Kill a Mockingbird Chapter 2

When did Dill first leave? Early September
What does Scout look forward to more than anything? The first day of school
Who took Scout to school on her first day? Jem
What is Scout not allowed to do to Jem at school? Bother him
Who is Scouts teacher? Miss Caroline Fisher
Where is Miss Caroline from? Winston County in Northern Alabama
How did Miss Caroline start the first day? She read about cats
Why does Miss Caroline get angry with Scout? Scout is literate
What does Miss Caroline say about Atticus He is not a good teacher
What does Jem tell Scout about Miss Caroline’s methods? She is testing out a new method of teaching
What does Ms. Caroline catch Scout doing in the middle of class? Scout is writing a letter to Dill
Who does Scout blame for teaching her how to read? Calpurnia
What is the name of the kid that cannot afford lunch? Walter Cunningham
Why doesn’t Walter accept Ms. Caroline’s money? He knows that he cannot pay her back
What is special about the Cunningham family? They never borrow anything that they cannot pay back
How do the Cunningham’s pay back Atticus? With holly, lumber, and hickory nuts
How does Ms. Caroline punish Scout? She hits her hand with a ruler
How do people in Maycomb finish deals? They spit in their hands before they shake
Who shows up to scold Ms. Caroline? Ms. Blount
Why doesn’t Scout feel bad for Ms. Caroline? The way that she treated Scout

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