To Kill a Mockingbird-Chapter 19

What happens when Tom is being sworn in? he can’t hold the Bible because of his arm
What was Tom previously convicted of? disorderly conduct-he got in a fight and someone tried to cut him
Who does Tom work for? Mr. Link Deas
When does Tom say he chopped up the furniture? in the spring (not November)
Why does Tom do little chores for Mayella Ewell? Were the children always home? he felt sorry for her-yes
What does Tom say happened on November 21st? Mayella asked Tom to fix a door-the children were out to get icecream-Mayella then asked Tom to get something down from the top of the wardrobe-he stood on a chair and Mayella knocked the chair over-Mayella hugs him and Tom tried to get away but Mr. Ewell saw them through the window
Who is the Ewell’s lawyer? Mr. Gilmer
Why does Link Deas stand up in the middle of the trial? to vouch for Tom’s character
What does Mr. Gilmer ask Tom in his cross? about his physical strength-could he rape Mayella-he said yes
Why does Dill start crying during the trial? because of how Mr. Gilmer treated Tom
How many times does Tom deny the accusation? three times
Does Tom say Mayella is lying? no-he says that she is mistaken

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