To Kill a Mockingbird Chapter 17

Who is the solicitor? Mr. Gilmer
Describe Mr. Heck’s testimony and the questions that Atticus asks him. Bob Ewell consulted Mr. Heck and told him that his daughter was raped. Mr. Heck rushed to the scene and found her on the floor badly bruised, and when he asked her who raped her, she said it was Tom Robinson. After bringing her to Tom’s house and having her identify him, Mr. Heck arrested him.Atticus asks multiple time if a doctor was called, and every time, Mr. Heck said no. Atticus then asked about her injuries, and he said she was bruised on the neck, arms, and the right side of her face and given a black eye on her right eye.
Where do the Ewells live? behind the town garbage dump
What about the Ewells property bewilders the rest of Maycomb County Against the fence are jars that contain flowers in perfect condition, unlike the rest of the property.
When is the only time people pass by the Ewells’ house? Christmas, when the churches pass out baskets and the mayor asks to dumps the trees in the garbage themselves
What idea do lawyers’ children get in court that Scout and Jem don’t get? that the people against their parents in a trial are their enemies

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