To Kill a Mockingbird-Chapter 17

How did Mayella know it was Tom Robinson who was hurting her? p. 223-She just said it was… but there was no real evidence except for her “story” of how he had hurt her
What was Mr. Tate’s version of finding Mayella? “He found her lying on the floor in the middle of the front room. She was pretty well beat up and I heaved her to her feet and she washed her face in the bucket in the corner and said she was alright.” P. 223
Why was Mr. Tate at the Ewell’s shack of a home? Because Bob Ewell had gone to Mr. Tate’s office because he was the sheriff.
What was Bob Ewell’s version to Mr. Tate? Bob was coming from the woods with game and just as he got to the fence, he heard Mayella screaming and he dropped his load…when he ran to the window and saw Tom Robinson “rutting on Mayella”…(p. 231)
Is Hec Tate on the Ewell’s side? As Sheriff, he has to do his job, so he has to listen to the victim’s side.
Why is Mr. Ewell so scared? He was determined to get Tom Robinson in trouble because he didn’t want to get in trouble/blamed himself
Why did Mr. Ewell ask who attacked Mayella if he saw Tom doing the crime? To pressure Mayella into lying like he is…
Does Atticus not believe him? No… but Atticus also had to do his job as the attorney to try to defend Tom.
How does talking about the eye help their case? Trying to prove that a lefty had to do the punch to Mayella’s eye… not Tom
Why did Atticus want Bob Ewell to write his name? To prove he was a lefty and that he could have been the one to beat up Mayella

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