To Kill A Mockingbird Chapter 17

Why does Atticus ask whether anyone called for a doctor? Why is this important? If Mayella was truly raped, she would have certain injuries; they did not seem to care whether she was really hurt.
Describe Mayella’s injuries. Her arms, throat, and neck were bruised and she had a black right eye
Where do the Ewells live? Describe their home and living conditions. Behind the town’s garbage dump- run down, they live in filth
Why do you think the Ewells eat squirrel, possum, and rabbit? They are poor and hungry; they are living during the Depression
Summarize Bob Ewell’s interpretation of the incident. He says he heard Mayella screaming as he was coming from the woods; he saw Tom on her, Tom ran away and Ewell called Tate
Why does Atticus ask Ewell to write his name? To see which hand he wrote with to show that he was left handed
What do you think Jem realizes when he pounds the rail and says, “We’ve got him”? He realizes that left handed people hit with their left, which leaves a mark on a right eye- the eye injured on Mayella

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