To Kill A Mockingbird-Chapter 16 Characters and Quotes

Who are the main characters in this chapter? Dill, Scout, Jem, Atticus, Miss Stephanie Crawford, Mr. Dolphus Raymond, Miss Maudie, Judge Taylor, Reverend Sykes
Who is Miss Stephanie Crawford? The town busybody, makes it her business to spread gossip, the meaner the better. She’s the Finch kids’ main source of rumors about Boo Radley, and takes as much delight in the ghoulish details as Jem does.
Who is Sykes? Minister of First Purchase Church, is an authority figure in Maycomb’s African-American community. He’s knows if you’ve been bad or good: at the service Scout and Jem attend, he’s not afraid to name names when it comes to the sinners in his congregation.
Who is Judge Taylor? Judge in the case. While he seems fairly even-handed in court, his personal views on the Robinson case come out in more subtle ways. He appoints Atticus as Tom’s defense council even when the job should have gone to another, less experienced, man. Later, Atticus says that the judge looked at Ewell on the witness stand “as if he were a three-legged chicken or a square egg” and continues, “Don’t tell me judges don’t try to prejudice juries” (27.16). Like Atticus, he works within the system—and the system is broken.
Who is Mr. Dolphus Raymond? A wealthy white man who owns one whole side of the riverbank. He is from an old family, but lives with his colored partner and their mixed children. He was engaged to marry a woman named Spencer, who committed suicide on their wedding day, and some say it was because she found out that he had an affair with a black woman.
Who responded to Jem when he asked? “You goin’ to court this morning?” asked Jem. […]”I am not. ‘t’s morbid, watching a poor devil on trial for his life. Look at all those folks, it’s like a Roman carnival.”……………….”I’m quite aware of that,” she said. “Just because it’s public, I don’t have to go, do I?” (16.40-48) Miss Maudie
Who is Scout talking to?”Well how do you know we ain’t Negroes?””Uncle Jack Finch says we really don’t know. He says as far as he can trace back the Finches we ain’t, but for all he knows we mighta come straight out of Ethiopia durin’ the Old Testament.””Well if we came out durin’ the Old Testament it’s too long ago to matter.””That’s what I thought,” said ______, “but around here once you have a drop of Negro blood, that makes you all black.” (16.78-81) Jem

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