To Kill A Mockingbird: Chapter 16

Who is Mr. Dolphus Raymond? He is a wealthy eccentric who owns land on a river bank, lives near the county line, is involved with a black woman, and has mixed-raced children. He is often drunk.
Who refuses to go to the trial and why? Miss Maudie; She thought is was morbid to watch Tom fighting for his life.
Where does the crowd eat lunch? The town square
Who always sits with the black people? Mr. Dolphus Raymond
Where did Jem, Scout, Dill, and Reverend Sykes sit in court? On the balcony that was reserved for black people
Who is Judge Taylor? A white-haired old man with a reputation for running his court in an informal fashion
Where does Scout sleep the night after their run-in at the jail? Jem’s room
Who has an appetite the next morning? Jem
Who is Mr. Underwood? A strange man who despises negroes, yet protects Atticus and Tom at the jail.
What does Cal do because Scout wants coffee? She gave her a tablespoon of coffee and filled the rest of the cup up with milk.
What did Atticus say would stop the African-Americans from gossiping? If the white people stop doing things that are gossip worthy.
What does Atticus say about Mr. Cunningham? He is a friend, even though he has blind spots (like everyone else).
What did Dill say the town was talking about? He said that the town was talking about how the three kids fought off 100 men with their bare-hands.
What is Mr. Billup’s first name? X
Who is Mr. Jake Slade? A man who is growing his third set of teeth.
What did the foot-washing Baptists do to Miss Maudie? They shouted Bible verses about vanity to her, and she responded with another verse about how God thinks that gardens are beautiful.
What was Mr. Dolphus Raymond drinking? Whiskey in a Coca-Cola bottle
What happened to Mr. Raymond’s wife? She killed herself.
Why was Atticus defending Tom? The court appointed him to
What happens when they go on the balcony? Four people get up so that they could sit in the first row.
Who served on the jury? Farmers who didn’t get out of jury duty.
What does Judge Taylor do in court instead of smoke? Eat
Who was on the witness stand? Heck Tate
What comes to Scout’s mind before she goes to sleep? – The mob approaching Atticus- Atticus getting ready to shoot Tim.
Why are mixed children “sad”? They don’t belong anywhere.
What happened to the original courthouse? It burned down 1856, but the pillars stayed in tact.
What is the Idles’ Club? The Idlers’ Club is made up of a group of old men who have nothing better to do than hang around the courthouse critiquing the proceedings of the court.
Where did Atticus spend the morning? Jury selection
What would any other lawyer do? Let Tom go to the chair

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