To Kill a Mockingbird Chapter 16

What does Scout learn about mob mentality? A mob is made up of individual people and if you convince one person to change, you can convince the whole mob
Mr. Dolphus Raymond is evidently a complicated and interesting man. Describe his way of life and comment on its effect upon the town. He is a white man and his wife committed suicide. He had a colored mistress (which means she was black). He drank whiskey and coke. The town of Maycomb is full of prejudice judging him for that.
Why did Mr. Dolphus Raymond’s fiancée die? What does this show the reader about life in Maycomb? His fiancée killed herself after the wedding rehearsal. She used a shotgun pointed at her head and pulled the trigger with her toes. She could not handle the fact that her fiancé had a “colored woman” that he hoped to keep while he was also married. Her main point here seems to be that he had a colored woman rather than a white woman. This speaks to the inherent racism in Maycomb.
Jem says that “mixed” children are sad because they don’t belong anywhere. What does he mean? Is having a sense of belonging important in life? Explain your thoughts Jem means that they don’t belong with the white people and they don’t belong with the black people. Yes, having a sense of belonging important especially for kids because it gives them a sense of who they are me who they may want to be or not be.
Judge Taylor’s appearance and his ability are two different things. What comment might the author be making in building the judge in this way? He seems distracted and not equipped to judge well in his courtroom. His helped him catch lawyers, plaintiffs, and defendants off guard and he can catch them with their true intentions and learn the truth in the cases.
Symbolically, what does the physical structure of the courthouse show us about the people of Maycomb? There is a white section on the main floor and a colored section on the balcony; the courthouse is segregated. This is ironic because the court is supposed to be impartial to race. This show that this town is racist!
Why didn’t Atticus tell his children that he had to defend Tom Robinson, that he was appointed by the court and didn’t really have a choice about taking the case? Atticus wanted his kids to know that even when things get hard it is always good to do the right thing.
Why do the four men give up their seats for Reverend Sykes and the children? What does this show us? It shows that they respected Atticus and the Reverend. His shows where their values are. It shows that they side with Tom Robinson and believe in him.
As the examination begins, Atticus’ table is bare. What does this show us? I think it shows that Atticus does not need anything to solve he case and have the truth come out!

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