To Kill A Mockingbird Chapter 16

What does Atticus find strange about Mr. Underwood? He does not like black people, but he protected Atticus and Tom Robinson that night before.
What did Mr. Underwood’s father originally name him? Braxton Bragg
What difference does Scout notice between how Atticus talks to Aunt Alexandra now versus how he used to talk to her? Instead of being immediately irritated, he has a more soft, gentle tone.
What does Atticus say about mobs in general? What does he say about the mob last night in specific? The people in mobs are still human, and in his case, they are people he know, as well.The mob last night was dispelled by an eight-year old kid, which further proves that although they seem like wild animals, they are still human.
Who are the Mennonites. The Mennonties are a group of ladies who live in the woods, and they rarely come to Maycomb County. They also don’t like their husbands to shave, as they enjoy being tickled by their beards.
What is interesting about Mr. X Billips? X is not an initial; it’s his actual first name.
What group people comes to Mrs. Maudie’s yard? foot-washing Baptists
Why does Miss Maudie not want to go to the trial? She does not want to see Tom Robinson suffer in court.
Why does Miss Stephanie not want to go to the trial? She already knows so much about the case that she is afraid she will be called to testify.
Who sits with the African-Americans outside the courthouse, and why does he sit with them? What is he doing, and why? Mr. Dolphus RaymondHe prefers African-Americans over white people.He is drinking out of a paper bag because inside the bag is a bottle full of whiskey, and he does not want the ladies to see that.
What is the history behind Mr. Dolphun Raymond’s wedding? During his marriage, his bride hid and shot herself, which is probably because she discovered his fondness for black people.
What are mixed children, and what problems do they face in society? children that are half-white, half-blackBecause they are not completely white or completely black, they do not belong anywhere.
Who are the “attentive critics of courthouse business” who are usually the only audience in the court? the Idler’s Club
What does Scout realize about the situation while listening to the Idler’s Club? Atticus would have had to defend Tom Robinson even if he didn’t want to do so, but yet, people are condescending him as if it was his choice.
Where and with whom do Scout, Jem, and Dill sit? the colored balcony with Reverend Sykes
Who is the judge at the trial? Judge Taylor
What does Scout find strange about Judge Taylor? He allows smoking in the courtroom.
Who is the first person to step to the witness stand? Mr. Heck Tate

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