To kill a mockingbird chapter 16-21 questions

What connection does Scout make that causes her to cry? Atticus would get hurt
What subtle change does Scout notice in Atticus? He was standing up to Alexandra
How does Atticus explain mobs to the children? Still human no matter what
What is miss Maudie’s reaction to everyone wanting to go to the trial? She says it’s morbid to watch poor devil on trial for his life
Why does Jem say the mixed children are sad? Because they don’t belong anywhere
What news does Scout overhear about Atticus defending tom Robinson? Does it give her any comfort? Appointed to tom and a little
With whom do the children sit in the courthouse? Reverend Sykes
What question does Atticus ask the sheriff three times? Did you call a doctor
What does Atticus lead sheriff Tate to remember about Mayellas Ewells black eye? Which eye was hurt
Explain why Jem tells reverend Sykes that it’s okay for Scout to stay in the courtroom? she doesn’t understand
What excuse does mr ewell give for not running after tom Robinson? He was distracted by mayella
Explain what Atticus is trying to show by asking me ewell to write something Showing if he’s left handed
Why does mayellas think Atticus is mocking her? Callls her ma’am
What is mayellas response to Atticus question about her having friends? She thinks he is making fun of her
Explain why Atticus has tom Robinson stand up To show everyone his arm was short and crippled
According to tom where had mayellas brothers and sisters gone on the evening in question? To go get ice cream
What mistake does tom make when mr gilmer is asking him to explain why he helped mayella? He says he felt sorry for her
What explanation does Dill give Scout for his becoming sick? He found it unfair the way they talked to tom
How does mr Raymond explain his pretense about drinking? He likes to live that way
When Scout and Dill return to the courtroom what prediction does Jem make? That Atticus is going to win the trial
What according to Atticus is the one thing in the country that truly makes everyone equal? Courtroom
What does Jem think when Atticus calls them from the balcony? He’s excited
Describe calpurnias reaction to the children having been at the trial? What is Alexandra’s reaction? Calpurnias furiously and Alexandra nearly faints
What is reverend Sykes response to Jemez certainty the jury will find tom innocent? Not to be confident
When the jury returns what does Scout observe about them? They won’t look at tom

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