To Kill A MockingBird: Chapter 16

How does Chapter 16 begin? Finch’s are at breakfast discussing the equity of the criminal case.
What questions do Scout and Jem raise to their father at breakfast? Whether or not Mr. Cunningham is a friend because he had come to try to get Tom Robinson, the black man accused of raping MayElla Ewell.
What Scout’s perception about Mr. Cunningham? That he is a friend of Atticus (p. 210)….because her father had told her…
Why, despite the fact that Mr. Cunningham came to get Tom, does Atticus defend their friendship? Mr. Cunningham is “good man” but has “blind spots” (p. 210)
What are Mr. Cunningham’s “blind spots?” Blind spots are areas when you don’t know you are doing something wrong or aware that the action is wrong, but you still do them anyway
Who does the family see from their front porch? See people going into town and wonder about them;see Mr. Dolphus Raymond
Who is Mr. Dolphus Raymond? Man who has mixed children who lives out of town; was going to get married, but never did; usually drunk
Who do the kids talk to about where the people are heading… Ms. Maudie and Ms. Stephanie Crawford
What do the ladies tell the kids about the people? They are going to the Jitney Jungle… (p. 213)
What is the Jitney Jungle?
WHere does everyone head into town? The courthouse
Do the kids get a seat at the trial? No, not until Reverend Sky arrives and says that he can sit with them
Who is at the trial? The townspeople, Mr. Cunningham, Mr. Hec Tate, Atticus, and Tom Robinson
What was the atmosphere in the courtroom? Quiet and subdued

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