To Kill a Mockingbird-Chapter 15

What happens to Dill? he can stay for the summer
What does Heck Tate tell Atticus when he knocks on his door? some men wanted to talk to him outside
What is the conversation outside? the conversation was about Tom Robinson-Tate does not want to keep him in the town jail overnight
What does Jem do when tension starts rising in the yard? he shouts that the telephone is ringing
What does Scout notice at church? she sees some men who don’t usually attend-Mr. Tate and Mr. Underwood
What does Mr. Underwood do for a living? he is the editor of The Maycomb Tribune
What peculiar thing does Atticus do one night? he takes a bulb and an extension chord and leaves the house in his CAR (he normally walks)
Where do Scout, Jem , and Dill see Atticus when they follow him? they see him sitting in front of the jail, reading
What happens when 4 cars drive up to the jail? Atticus expects them; men come up to Atticus
What does Scout do when she sees the men get out of the car and threaten Attiucs? she runs out to Atticus
What do the men do when they see Scout, Jem, and Dill? one of the men grabs Jem and Scout kicks him
How does Scout make the men leave the jail? she starts talking to Mr. Cunningham and mentions his son (Walter)
Who was there to back up Atticus? Mr. Underwood
Why did Atticus go to the jail? to make sure Tom Robinson did not get hurt
Is Atticus mad at Jem for following him to the jail and not leaving? no-he rubs Jem’s hair affectionately

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