To Kill A Mockingbird chapter 15

Who were the men in atticus’ front yard? And why? They were merchants; in town farmers, dr renyolds, dr heck tate, and dr. Avery. They were mad about the Tom Robinson case
How does Scouts “death and politics” work as foreshadowing? The penalty for rape (politics) is death. This foreshadows the case.
Why does Jem bring up the KKK, what did Atticus say and what are his views of the Klan and people in generals? They were a political organization; no one usually mentioned the noble things they did.
What about Mr. Underwood? He is the sole owner, edited, printer of the maycomb Tribune, never looked for news, people brought news to him. He lives in the building he works in
In this chapter what do we learn about Tom Robinson? He is quiet, and being held captive so that he can be ready for the case Monday
What attracts the kids attention and what do they do about it? Atticus took the car downtown and he usually walks and the kids including Dill decided to follow him.
What is Atticus doing downtown? And who arrives? He is reading in front of the jail, men in dusty cars that are farmers from out of town that have a lower education
Who is the leader of these farmers? Walter Cunningham Sr.
Why does Atticus want Jem to take the kids home? And why does Jem refuse? Atticus thinks that there will be danger. And Jem wants to stay to protect his father, this shows his maturity
Is there any violence? Humor? Scout who is a little girl tried to kick a man who tried to grab Jem by the shin and “aimed too high”
VERY IMPORTANTHow does scout speak the leader of the group? Does she understand the danger? How does her adolescence and innocence make the men feel? She talks to them like they are having a friendly, casual conversation. She doesn’t understand the danger. It makes the men feel ashamed, uncomfortable, and shocked because of her innocence and she doesn’t understand

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