To Kill A Mockingbird Chapter 15

Why do the men come to talk to Atticus at his house? They come to tell him Tom is being moved; they are worried about Tom’s safety
Jem says he’s “just got this feeling.” What do you think he is worried about? that someone is going to hurt Atticus
Why do you think all the lights were off at the jailhouse except the one lamp Atticus brought home? Atticus was probably trying to keep it as dark as possible so that people would think no one was there and not come by to start trouble.
Why is Atticus sitting in the jailhouse? to protect Tom from being harmed by the Old Sarum boys
How do the men know that Mr. Tate won’t be coming to help Atticus? they sent Tate on a snipe hunt (a false errand)
Why do the men tell Atticus to leave? What do they want to do to Tom? so they can get at Tom; they want to hurt or kill him
Who does Scout recognize? Why do the men finally leave? Mr. Cunningham; Scout recognizes and talks to him, “humanizing” him
Who was “covering” Atticus the whole time? Mr. Underwood
How does Atticus show his affection towards Jem? he pats (massages) him on the head

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