To Kill a Mockingbird chapter 14

How does Aunt Alexandra feel about Calpurnia? Explain why this is “in character ” doe ain’t Alexandra. Aunt Alexandra thinks Jem and Scout need more motherly guidance and they don’t need Calpurnia. This is typical of aunt Alexandra because she believes she knows best, and she is less tolerant of black people. She controls her household and she wants to control it at the Finch household as well.
Comment on Atticus’s explanation of rape. Why does Atticus explain the crime this way? Atticus explains it in a way that informs his kids about the reality in terms that Scout would know not to ask any more questions. Atticus is honest and the kids still respect and admire their father.
What does Jem do that, to Scout , symbolizes the end of his childhood? Scout says that by seeing Dill under the bed Jem rose and broke the childhood code by telling Atticus. To Scout this means Jem is a traitor although it is really an act of maturity that makes Jem look more of as an adult and the end of being a child.
Dill tries to explain to Scout why he did not want to stay with his mother and stepfather. State his reasons briefly in your own words. Dill feels that his parents aren’t interested in him and they do just fine without him, as it seems they do not care much about him.
Twice now, Scout has considered running away. Dill did, in fact, run away from home. Why, according to Dill, hasn’t Boo Radley ever run away from his terrible home? Scout asks Dill Why Boo Radley has never run off, and Dill answers that maybe he doesn’t have a place he can run to.

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