To Kill a Mockingbird Chapter 14-15

Scouts comment on Atticus’s explanation of rape. How suitable is this as an answer to Scout. Atticus explains it in a very mature way, with big words and very vaguely but still so Scout can understand. He does not lie to her like other parents would do
Why does Alexandra think Atticus should dismiss Calpurnia? How does Atticus respond to the suggestion? Aunt Alexandra tells Atticus that since she has moved in, they can dismiss Calpurnia. Aunt Alexandra prefers that the children are raised by a white woman and not a black woman.Atticus tells her that Calpurnia is part of the family, and that the children love her.
Why is Scout pleased when Jem fights her back? She feels that since he fought back that he still is a kid and is equal
Why is she less pleased when Jem tells Atticus about Dill? When Jem tells Atticus about Dill, she gets upset and realizes that maybe Jem really is growing up.
What do we learn from Dill’s account of his running away? We learn that Dills new family didn’t pay attention to him very much.
What is the “nightmare” that now descends upon the children? For the first time, Scout and Jem witness the hatred of the mob and the horrors of racism, and see their Father in a vulnerable position.
How does Jem react when Atticus tells him to go inside, and why? Jem stays right where he is and doesn’t leave, because he feels that Atticus is in danger.
What persuades the lynching-party to give up their attempt on Tom’s life? The fact that the children weren’t leaving and they didn’t wan to do what they had planned in front of the children.
Comment on the way Scout affects events without realizing it at the time. Talking about entailmen to Walter Cunningham and everyone in the aggregation was looking at her with their mouths open. Scout made Walter stand in Atticus’s shoes for a moment.

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