To Kill A Mockingbird – Chapter 13 study guide

Why has Aunt Alexandra come? To stand in and be a mother figure for Scout and to assist the Finch family while Atticus is on the case for Tom Robinson.
Why does Aunt Alexandra get angry with Atticus? She gets angry with him because he allows Scout to act however she wants and wear whatever she wants without any judgement.
What does Atticus tell the children about being Finches? He tells them that they usually marry in the family such as to cousins unless there is an unusual circumstance.
Explain the caste system in Maycomb. High Class whites -> Middle class whites -> High class blacks -> Low class whites -> middle class blacks -> low class blacks.
How does Alexandra change Atticus and the family? Aunt Alexandra keeps the kids confined to the yard. She tries to make Scout become a more proper lady. Alexandra also tries to get rid of Calpurnia. She stresses out Atticus more than he needs it. Finally Scout and Jem have started fighting a lot more ever since Alexandra moved in.

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