To Kill a Mockingbird chapter 13

Why does Alexandra come to live with the Finch family? To teach Scout to be more feminine
How does Maycomb receive Alexandra? They welcome her with open arms and include her in their social life
What does it mean when Scout says that Cousin Joshua “went round the bend”? It means that cousin Joshua had a nervous breakdown.
Who is Aunt Alexandra married to? Uncle Jimmy
How does Atticus fix stomach problems? He drinks soda
What is Maycombs primary reason of being? Government
Why does Maycomb stay about the same size? It grows inward because it is rare for someone new to settle in Maycomb
What message does Alexandra tell Atticus to give Jem and Scout? Atticus tells them to live up to their name because they were created with a “gentle breeding”
What does Scout mean when she says that Alexandra has a preoccupation with heredity? It means that Aunt Alexandra is so concerned with a persons ancestry
What does Scout mean when she says that Alexandra thinks that everybody in Maycomb had a streak? According to Alexandra, every family in town has some kind of habit such as drinking, fighting, or gambling.

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