To Kill A Mockingbird Chapter 13

Why has Aunt Alexandra come to Maycomb? To take care of the kids while Atticus is busy with the case
Describe Aunt Alexandra. She has her own ideas, she fits in well with the people of Maycomb because she follows their ways. She is a prominent female figure in the community. She does not believe Scout and Jem are being raised correctly.
Give a brief description of how Maycomb was established. Why are so many people related to each other in some way? Maycomb is ancient; twenty miles east of Finch’s Landing; Sinkfield built a tavern at the point where two pig trails meet, where he served and supplied both Indians and exactly in the middle of the state, where they set up Maycomb; everyone is related because getting anywhere else was too much work; also few people came into Maycomb.
Describe the premise of the “talk” Aunt Alexandra makes Atticus have with the children. About their background, their family history; “they are not run of the mill people;” according the Scout, Atticus was not successful because it take a woman to have that talk.
What does this conversation between Atticus and the children reveal about their relationship as a family? It indicates the respect the children have for Atticus

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