To Kill a Mockingbird-Chapter 12

What does Jem think Scout should start acting like? a girl
Why does Dill not come home for the summer? he has a new father
What is the name of the church Cal brings Jem and Scout to? First Purchase African M.E. Church; paid with the first earnings of freed slaves
Is everyone happy to see Jem and Scout? everyone except for Lula
Why do they not have hymn-books? nobody can read
Where does the day’s collection go? to Tom Robinson’s wife
What is Tom Robinson’s wife’s name? Helen Robinson
Why did the Reverend lock the church doors? he wanted ten dollars to give to Helen Robinson
What is Tom Robinson accused of? raping Mayella Ewell
Where did Cal grow up? near Finch’s Landing
Who is Cal’s son? Zeebo (taught to read with the Bible)
Why does Cal talk differently when around other African Americans? to fit in
What does Scout want to do after going to Cal’s church? to visit Cal at her house
Who was home when Jem and Scout returned from church? Aunt Alexandra

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