To Kill A Mockingbird Chapter 12 -16

What did Calpurnia start calling Jem? Why? Mister; because he is growing up
How did Calpurnia feel about taking the children to her church? Excited but anxious
Who is Lula? Woman with a questionable reputation who feels that white children don’t belong
Who was the church collecting money for that day? Tom Robinson’s wife and children
What did the reverend do when there was not enough money? He locked the church doors.
How did the church sing the hymns? Zeebo read the hymn to the congregation and they sang it back.
What does Aunt Alexandra want Atticus to explain to the children? The Finches are a fine family with good breeding.
Why does Scout cry? Atticus is mean to the children (he yells at them).
How did Atticus explain what rape is to Scout? In legal terms
How does Aunt Alexandra feel about Calpurnia? What is Atticus’ answer? Aunt Alexandra wants to get rid of Cal. Atticus refuses.
What did Jem say he would do if Scout bothered Aunt Alexandra? How did she react? Spank Scout—Scout fought Jem.
What did Scout think was under her bed? What was it? She thought a snake was under the bed, but it was Dill.
What had Dill done? Why? He ran away from home because they didn’t need him.
Why was Heck worried about the “Old Sarum” bunch? He is worried that they will hurt Tom.
What does Atticus say about the Ku Klux Klan? They’re gone and not going back.
What did Atticus do after supper that the children thought was interesting? He had a light bulb with an extension cord.
What did they do after Aunt Alexandra went to sleep? The kids went to find Atticus.
What does Scout do when she sees the group of men at the jail with Atticus? She runs to Atticus.
Who does Scout see in the crowd? Mr. Walter Cunningham
What happens to make the men leave? She talks to Mr. Cunningham about his son and shames him.
How did Atticus feel about the children showing up the night before? He was proud.
What does Aunt Alexandra tell Atticus not to do in front of Calpurnia? Talk about Negroes.
Who is Dolphus Raymond? White man who has a relationship with a colored woman and has mixed children
What does Scout find out about Atticus’ defending Tom Robinson? He had to and the town doesn’t like him for it.
Where do the children sit in the courtroom? In the colored section (balcony)
Why do the black people give up their seats for the children? Due to segregation but also out of respect for Atticus

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