To Kill A Mockingbird Chapter 12 – 13 review

Why does Dill not come to Maycomb County for the summer? How does Scout react to this? He finally found a new father, and he is going stay at home to build a fishing boat with him during the summer.Scout is heartbroken, realizing that Dill makes summer fun.
When Scout asks Calpurnia what they are going to do for church, what does Calpurnia remember? One Sunday, while Scout’s class was without supervision, they tied Eunice Ann Simpson to a chair and locked her in the furnace.
Of what crime is Tom Robinson accused? raping Mr. Bob Ewell’s daughter
What is the name of Caluprnia’s church, and why is called so? First PurchaseFreed slaves used their first earnings to pay for the church.
Who disapproves of Calpurnia bringing Scout and Jem to her church? Why? Who apologizes for his/her actions? LulaThe church is only for black people.Zeebo
Who leads the mass? Reverend Sykes
Who is the music superintendent who reads the hymns? Zeebo
What does Revered Sykes say during the sermon? – He denounces sin and warns to stay away from it.- He talks about the common subject of the “Impurity of Women”.- He names off the sins of individuals.
What happens after the collection? Reverend Sykes sees that there is not enough money, and he tells everyone that they need at least $10 in order to help support Tom Robinson’s wife, Helen, who has to take care of three children but cannot find a job.He keeps everyone locked inside the church until the $10 is collected.
Explain why “lining” was so important to the congregation. A person at the front sings a line, and the rest of the church sings it after him. Only 4 people at the church can read.This is called “lining”.
What offer does Calpurnia make to Scout and Jem regarding what they are going to do for Sunday mass? They can come to celebrate mass at her church.
How old is Jem at the beginning of the chapter 12? 12
According to Calpurnia, why is Helen having a difficult time finding a job The Robinson family is being disgraced for Tom’s crime, and because of this, nobody wants hire Helen and have anything to do with the family.
What is different about Jem the days after Mrs. Dubose Lafayette dies? – He is more moody.- He is more independent, does not want to spend as much time with Scout anymore.- He is smarter than before.
According to Calpurnia, why would it be no better to buy hymn books for First Purchase? Nobody but four people at the church knows how to read (Calpurnia and Zeebo are two of the four).
What does Scout say about families who have lived at Maycomb County for many generations? They are predictable, and the stereotypes are “simply guides to daily living”.
Who is at their porch when Scout, Jem, and Calpurnia return home? Aunt Alexandra
When does Calpurnia celebrate her birthday? Why? ChristmasIt is easier to remember.
Who is Zeebo in relation to Calpurnia? He is her eldest son.
From what books did Calpurnia and Zeebo learn to read? The Bible and Blackstone’s Commentaries
Explain how and when Calpurnia came to live in Maycomb. Finch Landingwhen Atticus and his wife married
How did Calpurnia feel when Jem invited himself to her home. She would be happy to have him come anytime.
What does Calpurnia and Lula’s conversation reveal? Lula didn’t want Jem and Scout to attend the church. This is supporting segregation theme.
For what reason does Aunt Alexandra come to live with the Scout? – to give Scout some feminine influence- to watch Scout and Jem while Atticus is at work during the summer
Where does Atticus go at the beginning of the chapter? He is called to the state legislature in Montgomery, where he will stay for two weeks.
What does Aunt Alexandra say about the Finches to everyone in the neighborhood? How does Jem find this ironic? The Finches are superior to all other families.Most of the people in the neighborhood are related to the Finches
Explain why Miss Buford, Miss Maudie’s aunt, would be such an important person in Calpurnia’s life. She taught Calpurnia how to read. In those times, very few black children would be able to go to school.
What does Aunt Alexandra say about streaks? Ever family has some kind of streak (a drinking streak, a gambling streak, etc.)
What seems to be Aunt Alexandra’s favorite topic? heredity
How does Aunt Alexandra define a good family? How does Jem find this ironic? a family that lives on its plot of land for a long timeThe Ewells have been living behind the Maycomb dump for a long time.
Who was Sinkfield? He ran an inn called Sinkfield’s Tavern
According to Scout, how did Maycomb grow out of where it is today? The governor of Maycomb County told Sinkfield that his inn was where the seat of government was proposed to be built, but he stood firm.From there, the city of Maycomb County grew out from Sinkfield’s Tavern.
How does Calpurnia respond when Jem asks her why she talks “n****r-talk” at church when she knows better? – It would be out of place to talk “n****r talk” at home. Similarly, it would be out of place to talk proper English at an African-American church.- Nobody like a know-it-all.
According to Scout, why has Maycomb County “remained the same size for hundreds of years”? At the time of Sinkfield, the city was very far away from public transportation systems
According to Scout, why are so many families in Maycomb County related? During the Civil War, Maycomb grew inward, and because very few people moved there afterwards, the people who settled there first were the only people there. As a result, they married each other, and all the families became related to each other.
What member of the Finch family does Scout meet but does not know? What does this say? Cousin Lily BrookeScout has never been told about their family’s history, and pride in the family has never been instilled in her.
Who wrote Meditations of Joshua S. St. Claire? Cousin Joshua
What does Atticus tell Scout and Jem at the end of the chapter? Why? that they need to learn about the history of the Finch family and how to behave according to this history.Aunt Alexandra wanted him to tell them.

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