To Kill A Mockingbird Chapter 12

Why is Jem so “inconsistent and moody?” He is going through puberty.
Why wasn’t Dill able to come to Maycomb this summer? He was adopted and was staying in Meridian to help build a boat with his new father.
Describe Calpurnias church. How did the church get its name? All black, poor, no hymnals, the only church with a steeple and a bell; called “First Purchase” because it was paid for with the first earnings of free slaves.
How do the people at Cal’s church treat the children? Most are welcoming but they look at the children as outsiders; Lula is rude and unwelcoming to them.
Why doesn’t the church have hymn books? They can’t afford them and even if they could, most of the church goers can’t read
Why is the church collecting ten dollars? To raise money to help out Tom’s wife and children, since no one will hire her because of the scandal
Of what is Tom Robinson accused? Why won’t anyone hire his wife? Raping a white woman; no one wants to take the risk and hire her
Who is Zeebo? What does he do at the church? Calpurnia’s oldest son; he leads the singing-feeds the lines to the congregation, since there are no hymnals
How does Scout feel Calpurnia is different at her own church? She talks like the other colored folks

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