To Kill a Mockingbird Chapter 11

Mrs. Dubose is… – mean- lives on the way to town- sick with a terminal illness, which means its only gonna get worse and is gonna eventually kill her
what is Mrs. Dubose addicted to? And where is she getting it? morphine, and its prescribed by her doctor.
is Mrs. Dubose racist? yes
why do the kids think their father is brave? He is willing to talk to her wether or not she is going to insult him. Also he says hi from him
what does Atticus say to Jem regarding Mrs. Dubose? hold your head high and be a gentlemen
Why dies Jem lose his cool? – It is the 1st time an adult is insulting his dad infront of him- Adults should know better- Their words carry more weight – IT is more serious coming from an adult
what happens when Jem and scout get to Mrs. Dubose with their new toys? Jem takes Scouts baton and slashes the tops offf of Mrs. Duboses Camellia bushes. And he snaps the baton
what does Jem buy Scout? a baton
what is Jem’s consequence for slashing the bushes? He has Jem apologize to Mrs. Dubose
why does Atticus have to take the case? If he didn’t it would go against his conscience
what does Mrs. Dubose have Jem do as a consequence? She has him read to her for 2 hours for a month, it makes her feel better and forget about her sickness
what does Atticus say regarding Scout’s question about the “N-lover” quote? Name calling reflects back on the name caller. HE “certainly” loves blacks
What does Mrs. Dubose leave for Jem? What does it symbolize? a white waxy Camellia. It symbolize that she forgave Jem
what lesson was Atticus trying to teach to Jem? Courage and having to talk to Mrs. Dubose?
What is courage according to Atticus? Courage is not a man with a gun in their hand. “It’s when you know you’re licked before you begin but you begin anyway and you see it through no matter what.
why is Mrs. Dubose couragous? She wanted to die without being addicted.

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