To Kill A Mockingbird Chapter 11

Now, what do Scout and Jem do instead of playing around the Radley’s house? go to the city
Who do Scout and Jem hate Mrs. Dubose Lafayette? She always insults and yells at them for everything.
Who is Mrs. Dubose’s servant? Jesse
What does Mrs. Dubose say about the death of Atticus’s wife? She says he should remarry.
From what does Atticus believe Mrs. Dubose gets her disposition? an illness
Why does Scout believe that Atticus is “the bravest man who ever lived”? He politely talks to Mrs. Dubose every day he comes home from work.
What does Jem do with his birthday money? He buys a miniature steam engine for himself and a baton for Scout.
What is revealed to be a “dim organization on the north side of the square”? the O.K. CafĂ©
What does Mrs. Dubose say that angers Jem? What does he do as a result? Atticus is “lawing for n****rs”When they return from the store, he cuts off all the camellia buds from her bushes and snaps Scout’s baton in two.
After discovering what Jem has done, what does Atticus order him to do? to go apologize to Mrs. Dubose
What does Atticus tell Scout while Jem is at Mrs. Dubose’s house? It is not time worry yet, and things will start to get worse as the Rom Robinson case approaches.Also, even though everybody thinks Atticus is wrong for defending Tom Robinson (they are all entitled to their own opinion), his consciousness, as well as anybody else’s, dominates the majority. He knows what he is doing.
How will Jem repay Mrs. Dubose for the damage he has done? He will work in the garden every Saturday until the camilla buds grow back and read to her for two hours every afternoon for a month.
What does Jem bring to read to Mrs. Dubose on the first day? Ivanhoe
What strange occurrence happens while Jem reads to Mrs. Dubose? She gets into a uncontrollable fit.
After the second day of reading to Mrs. Dubose, what does Scout ask Atticus? How does he respond? She asks him what a “n****r lover” is.Atticus says that it is one of those words that do not mean anything and are used to rile people up. It is used by “ignorant, trashy people” when they think somebody is favoring black people over themselves.
The day when Atticus comes to see Mrs. Dubose, what does Scout realize? the alarm clock that signals to stop reading is set later and later each day.
Before Scout and Jem leave Mrs. Dubose’s house on the last day of reading for the month, what does Mrs. Dubose say? She wants Jem to read to her for another week.
On the very final day of reading, what happens to Mrs. Dubose? She dies.
What is the real reason that Atticus sent Scout and Jem to read for Mrs. Dubose? Mrs. Dubose was a morphine addict. Her doctor prescribed it to her for years as a pain killer.However, before she died, she wanted to break the addiction. Scout and Jem reading to her was a form of distraction from the drug, her constant fits were symptoms of withdrawals, and she set the alarm clock so that she could only receive the drug at that time. That is also why the alarm clock was set later and later each day: to lengthen the periods she had to wait to take the drug each day. By the time she died, she had broken the addiction (hence why the alarm clock did not go off for the last week), and she died knowing that she accomplished what she wanted to accomplish.
What does Atticus give to Jem from Mrs. Dubose? a candy box with a camellia flower inside
What is the lesson that Scout and Jem learn from Atticus at the end of the chapter? Courage is not just going into war or participating in a fist-fight. Real courage is knowing that you are going to lose, yet you start anyways and fight your way to the end no matter what.This is just like Mrs. Dubose’s case. She knew that she was going to die and that there was no way around it, but she still wanted to break her morphine addiction. With the help Scout and Jem, she did, and she died happily, knowing that she had truly won.This even relates to the Tom Robinson case. Before, Atticus said that it was inevitable that he would lose the case, but that would not stop him from trying his hardest.

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