To Kill A Mockingbird Chapter 10

Why should someone not kill a Mockingbird “They do nothing but sing and bring joy to our hearts”
What game could Atticus beat anyone at Checkers
What target were Scout and Jem trying to shoot at? Miss Maudie’s rear end
Why is Jem and Scout’s neighborhood boring to them? They are the only children that live in the neighborhood
Who is Tim Johnson a liver-colored bird dog
Describe what is wrong with Tim Johnson “walking like he is loop-sided” He is sick– mad dog.
Describe how Calpurnia reacted to Tim Johnson She frantically ran from house to house, yelling, “Mad Dog!”
Who shot Tim Johnson Atticus Finch
The neighbors call Atticus, “One-Shot Finch…” Explain what this applies Atticus is extremely good at shooting guns. “The Deadest shot in Maycomb county”
When Atticus was a young boy, what incredible feat did he accomplish He shot 15 times and killed 14 doves.
Explain why Jem and Scout were surprised to see Atticus shot the gun Uncle Jack said Atticus was not interested in guns. Atticus never wanted to do anything with: play games, football, wrestle, etc.
Discussion: Miss Maude says, “People in their right mind never take pride in their talents.” 1) Explain what she means2) Characterization: Explain what this says about Atticus
Discussion:Why does Jem tell Scout not to tell anyone about Atticus talent. “Atticus is a gentleman, just like me!”

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