To Kill A Mockingbird Chapter 10

How old is Atticus at the beginning of the chapter? nearly 50
What is Jem’s favorite sport? football
Atticus is nearly blind in what eye? his left eye
How does Atticus differ from Scout’s classmate’s fathers? – He is much older.- He does not hunt or fish.- He does not drink or smoke.- He does not play football as often.- He spends his time reading in the living room.
What is Scout’s “policy” on fighting? She would not fight publicly for Atticus, but she would fight anybody in her family for Atticus.
Who teaches Jem and Scout to use their air-rifles? Uncle Jack
It is a sin to kill what kind of bird? Why? What bird does Atticus permit Scout and Jem to kill with their air-rifles? a mockingbirdUnlike other birds, mockingbirds sing beautiful songs and don’t “eat up people’s gardens”.bluejays
What does Miss Maudie say about Atticus that Scout does not know at the beginning of the chapter? How does Scout react? – ” ‘he can make somebody’s will so airtight can’t anybody meddle with it.’ “- He is best checker player in Maycomb County (he purposely lets Scout and Jem beat him).- He can play a Jew’s Harp.Even with these accomplishments of her father, Scout is not impressed (she is still upset at how Atticus does almost nothing).
What does Scout attempt to do after she returns from Miss Maudie’s house? shoot her air-rifle at Miss Maudie
In what football game does Atticus refuse to participate? a game between the Methodists and the Baptists
While Scout and Jem go out to find squirrels to shoot, what do they find approaching them? Tim Johnson, Mr. Harry Johnson’s dog, who has gone rabid?
After finding the dog, who do Scout and Jem consult? Calpurnia
Who does Calpurnia call after seeing the rabid dog? Atticus and Eula May (the telephone operator; Calpurnia tells her to tell everybody else in the neighborhood)
Who is the only person in the neighborhood who does not have a phone? How does Calpurnia notify them about the rabid dog? the Radley’sShe pounds and screams at their door.
Who arrives at the scene of the rabid dog with Atticus? Mr. Heck Tate, the sheriff of Maycomb County
According to Mr. Heck, how do rabid dogs usually walk? in a straight line
When do dogs usually go rabid? August
Where does the rabid dog reach a dead end? the Radley’s gate
What does Mr. Heck do that surprises Scout and Jem? He gives his gun to Atticus to shoot the dog.
How is Scout and Jem’s view of Atticus different than at the beginning of the chapter, and what sparks this change? Before, he saw Atticus as a boring, old man who was nothing like everybody else’s fathers, but after he shoots Tim Johnson, he realizes that he is not very bad after all.
Who disapproves of killing the rabid dog? Miss Stephanie Crawford
What does Miss Maudie say about Atticus that Scout does not know at the end of the chapter? Atticus was the best gunman in Maycomb County. His nickname was Ol’ One-Shot.
According to Miss Maudie, Why does Atticus not hunt anymore? He has become more civilized and gained a greater respect for God’s life.
Who takes the rabid dog away? Zeebo

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