To Kill a Mockingbird Chapter 1

Who is the narrator? Scout Finch
Who is the Scout’s brother? Jem
Who is Scout’s father? Atticus
Who was the first of Scout’s ancestors to come to the United States? Where did he live before immigrating, what did he do for a living, and why did he come? Simon FinchCornwall, EnglandHe was a fur-trapper and apothecary.He was being persecuted for being a Methodist.
What was Simon’s homestead in America called, and where did he establish it? Finch Landingalong the banks of the Alabama River
Where did Simon meet his wife? Saint Stephens
From Finch Landing, where did Atticus, Jack, and Alexandra go? Atticus went to Montgomery to study law.Jack went to Boston to study medicine.Alexandra stayed at Finch Landing
Who are Simon’s sons and daughters? Atticus, Jack, and Alexandra
Where did Atticus go to start his career? Maycomb County, Alabama
In Maycomb, what is the name “synonymous with jack[*]ss”? Haverford
Who is Calpurnia? the family cook
How does Scout describe Calpurnia? tyrannical
Why does Scout not remember her mother? She died from a heart attack when Scout was only 2 years old.
Who is staying at Maycomb for the summer? From where did he/she come, and with whom is he/she staying? Charles Baker Harris, or “Dill”He comes from Meridian, Mississippi.He is staying with his aunt, Miss Rachel Haverford, whose house is next door to Scout’s.
Who is the “phantom” believed to haunt the night of Maycomb County? Arthur Radley, or “Boo” Radley
What is “a polite term for doing nothing”? “buying cotton”
What is the story behind Boo Radley? One day, he joined the Cunninghams, a gang in Maycomb.Soon, he was arrested, and Mr. Radley decided to lock him inside the house as punishment.Fifteen years later, it was heard that Boo stabbed Mr. Radley in the leg with a pair of scissors.As a result, Boo was locked in the courthouse basement, but he later returned to being locked in the house.When Mr. Radley died, his brother, Nathan, replaced him to take care of Boo.
From whom does Scout receive all the news about the Radleys? Miss Stephanie Crawford
What does Dill want to do with Jem and Scout? find a way to get Boo Radley out of the house
What does Dill dare Jem to do? to touch the Radley’s house

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