To Kill a Mockingbird chapter 1

Scout What is Jean Louis Finch nickname ?
Jem Who is scout’s older brother ?
football What caused Jem to break his arm ?
Simon Finch Who was the first of scout’s ancestors to come to America ?
religious persecution Why did Simon Finch escaped England ?
a successful farm on the banks of Alabama River When Simon came to America what did he establish ?
Finch’s landing What was the name of the farm ?
supported the family for many years How did the farm help the family ?
Atticus Finch What was scout’s father name ?
a lawyer in the town of Maycomb What did scout’s father become ?
Jack Finch What was Atticus brother ?
medical school in boston What did Jack Finch do ?
Alexandra Finch What was Atticus and Jack Finch’s sister name
stayed running the farm What did Alexandra Finch do ?
tired old poor town How was Maycomb as a town ?
his children jem and scout on Maycomb’s main residential street Who did Atticus Finch live with ?
old black woman named Calipurnia Who was the Finches’ cook ?
help raise the children and keep the house What did Calipurnia do for the family ?
when scout was two When did Atticus’s wife die ?
she doesn’t remember her mother well How has scout’s mother’s death affected her ?
4 years How many years older is Jem than scout ?
unhappy How does the memories Jem has of his mother make him feel ?
Jem 10 and scout almost 6 In the summer of 1933 how old were Jem and Scout ?
Charles Baker Harris Who moved next door to them in the summer of 1933 ?
dill What does Charles Baker Harris call himself ?
his aunt Miss Rachel Haverford Who does Dill stay with during the summer ?
Miss Rachel Haverford Who owns the house next to the Finches’ ?
his father’s absence in his life Who doesn’t Dill like to talk about ?
talkative and extremely intelligent How is Dill as a person ?
chief playmate What does Dill become towards the Finch children’s
act out various stories they have read All summer what do Dill and the Finch’s children do ?
attempt to lure Boo Radley out of his house When the Dill and the Finch children become bored what does Dill suggest ?
mysterious neighbor Who is Boo Radley ?
the run-down Radley Place Where does Arthur “Boo” Radley live ?
no one has seen him in years Has anyone seen Boo Radley outside ?
as a boy Boo got in trouble with law What does Scout recount about Boo Radley ?
imprisoned his son as a punishment What did Boo Radley’s father do when he found out Boo got in trouble ?
15 years later for stabbing his dad with scissors After Boo Radley’s imprisonment when was he heard of ?
they thought he was crazy How did people view Boo Radley?
have his son committed to a asylum What did Mr. Radley refuse to do ?
an institution that offers shelter to mentally ill people What was a asylum ?
his brother Nathan When Mr. Radley died who came to live with Boo Radley ?
Nathan Who was Boo Radley’s brother ?
he continued to stay in How did Boo Radley react to his brother living with him ?
lure Boo Radley out of his house What does Dill try to convince the Finch children to do ?
run over and touch the house What does Dill dare Jem to do ?
yes and runs back quickly Does Jem run and touch the house ?
there is no sign of any movement at the Radley Place What happens when Jem touches the house ?
a screen move as if someone was peeking out What does Scout think she sees when Jem touches the house ?

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