To Kill a MockingBird-Chapter 1

Who is the story narrated by? Jean Loiuse Finch
What is Jean’s nickname? Scout
What is Jean’s brother’s name? Jem
What injury did Jem sustain many years earlier? Broken Arm
How did Jem’s arm get broken?
Who was Jean’s first ancestor to come to America? Simon Finch
What did Simon do as an occupation? Fur-trader and apothecary
What does apothecary mean? a druggist; a pharmacist
Why did Simon flee England? to escape religious persecution
What did Simon accomplish when he came to America? He established a successful farm on the banks of the Alabama River.
What was the Finch farm called? Finch’s Landing
Who was the first Finch to make a living away from the farm? Scout’s father, Atticus Finch
What did Atticus Finch do as a profession? A lawyer in the town of Maycomb.
What is Atticus Finch’s brothers name? Sister’s name? Jack Finch. Alexandra Finch
Was Jack working? What was he doing? No. Going to medical School in Boston.
What did Alexandra Finch do? She ran Finch’s Landing
Describe Maycomb. A tired, poor, old town in the grips of the Great Depression
With whom and where does Atticus Finch live? With Jem and Scout on Maycomb’s main residential street.
Who is Calpurnia? Atticus’s black woman cook.
What happened to Scout and Jem’s mother? She died when Scout was 2 and Jem 6.
How does Jem feel about his mother? Sometimes he has memories of her that makes him unhappy.
Who moves in next door when Scout is almost six? A peculiar boy named Charles Baker Harris.
What is the peculiar boy’s nickname? Dill
Whose house is the house next to the Finch’s house? Dill’s Aunt Miss Rachel Haverford.
What do Jem, Scout, and Dill try to do to Boo Radley? Lure him out of his house.
Why does Boo never come out of his house? It is said that as a boy, Boo got into trouble with the law and his dad imprisoned him in the house as punishment.
After 15 years what did Boo do to his father? Stabbed him with a pair of scissors.
When Boo’s father died, who came to live with Boo? Nathan, Boo’s brother.
When Jem took Dill’s dare to run over to Boo’s house and touch it, what did Scout think she saw? She thinks she saw a shutter move slightly, as if someone were peeking out.
Who is the author of To Kill a Mockingbird? Harper Lee
What is the Genre of To Kill a Mockingbird? Coming of age story, social drama, courtroom drama, Southern drama
Who is the narrator of the story? Scout
In what person is the story written? 1st person
Where and when is the setting of the story? 1933-1935 in Maycomb, Alabama
What is the major conflict of the story? Childhood innocence is threatened by numerous incidents that expose the evil side of human nature and the struggle to maintain faith in the human capacity for good in light of the recurring instances of human evil.
What are the themes of the book? The coexistence of good and evil, the importance of moral education, and social classes.
What are the symbols of the story? Mockingbirds and Boo Radley
What is the significance of the symbols?

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