To Kill a Mockingbird Ch. 1-4

Where does the narrarator live? Maycomb, AL
How old are Scout and Jem at the start of the story? Scout:5 Jem:9
Who is their new friend? Dill (Charles Baker Harris)
What is the name of the odd family in Maycomb? The Radleys
Why does Jem touch the Radley house? He is dared by Dill
How does Scout feel about school? Excited
What things does Scout get in trouble for at School? Reading, Writing, and Explaining Cunningham History
Why won’t Walter Cunningham Jr. take Miss Caroline’s quarter? He can’t pay her back
How does Walter Cunningham Sr. pay Atticus for his legal work? With Goods (Stovewood, Hickory Nuts, Holly, and Turnip Greens
What do Walter Cunningham and Atticus discuss at lunch? Farming
How does Calpurnia tell Scout to behave during lunch? Treat them with respect
What about Burris Ewell frightens Miss Caroline? He has “Cooties” (Lice)
What does Scout ask Atticus to do about her schooling? Don’t make her go back
What compromise do Atticus and Scout reach about school? She’ll go back to school and she can keep on reading every night
Why does Jem push Scout extra hard in the tire? He’s upset with her
Where does Scout land? At the steps of the Radley residence
What new drama does Jem suggest they play? Boo Radley
What are the two reasons the new play is making Scout nervous? Atticus will find out and She had heard laughing in the house

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