To Kill A Mockingbird Board Game questions

Who is Scout’s brother? Jem
What is the name of Boo’s home? The Radley Place
What is the town the story is located in? Maycomb
Who is the son of the Cunninghams? Walter
Who never leaves his house? Boo Radley
Who is a lawyer and Scout’s father? Atticus
Who is the narrarator of the story? Scout
Who is the gossip of the town? Stephanie Crawford
Who is the son of one of the Ewells’ mentioned at the beginning of the story? Burris
Who is Ms. Rachel’s nephew who visits in the summer? Dill
Who is the Finch family’s cook, maid, and nanny? Calpurnia
What did Dill dare Jem to do? touch the Radley House
What was Scout’s “crime” at school? She could already read
Who is Tim Johnson? An old dag who has rabies
Who is Mrs. Dubose? The Finch’s Elderly neighbor who shouts insults at the kids
Who is sitting on the porch when Cal, Jem, and Scout return home from church? Aunt Alexandra
Who is Mr. Underwood? the editor of the Tribune
With whom do the children sit with in the courtroom? Reverend Sykes
What is Reverend Sykes’ response to Jem’s certainty the jury will find Tom innocent? He reminds him that no jury has ever sided with a black person over a white
What did the Negroes do in the balcony as Atticus left the courtroom? They stood to show Atticus their gratitude
What causes Atticus’s eyes to fill with tears? Cal shows him all the food the Negroes sent as gifts of gratitude
Will Aunt Alexandra allow Scout to invite Walter Cunningham home? No
What injury does Jem suffer the night of the pageant? a broken arm
What scary thing do the children see when at the Radley Place? the shadow of a man
How does Dill explain Jem’s missing pants? They played strip-poker
Why does the sheriff ask Atticus to shoot Tim Johnson? Atticus is known for his incredible aim
Why do the men go to the jail? To beat up Atticus
What does Mr. Underwood do the night Atticus goes to the Jailhouse? sits with a double barrel shotgun in case there is any trouble
What do the children decide to do? Go to the hearing
What does Bob Ewell do to Atticus at the post office? Spit in his face
Who lost his job because of his laziness? Bob Ewell
What was Scout’s costume in the pageant? a ham
Who does Atticus thank for saving the children’s lives? Boo Radley
What was Mr. Underwood’s article about? senseless killing
What did the children think Atticus should do to protect himself? carry a gun
Who does Alexandra say Scout can never have for company? Walter Cunningham
Who jumps out and scares the kids on Halloween? Cecil Jacobs
When the children are attacked, Jem suffers from a _____. Broken Arm
When does the story take place? 1930s
Where is Dill from? Meridian Mississippi
Miss Caroline tells Scout she is not allowed to ____ or ____. read or write
Why do Scout, Jem and Dill run from the Radley House? They saw a shadow of a man
Mr. Nathan Radley says he plugged to knothole with cement because _______________. The tree was dying
Who put the blanket on Scout the night Miss Maudie’s house caught fire? Boo Radley
What does Ms. Dubose make Jem do to pay for his crime? Read to her
Why does Mr. Dolphus Raymond pretend to drink? so people have a reason for saying he won’t change his ways
Why does Atticus ask Tom to stand after Mayella told the court what happened? to show that Tom only has one good arm
What is Scout’s full name? Jean Louise Finch
What is Jem’s full name? Jeremy Finch
What is Dill’s full name? Charles Baker Harris

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